Sint Maartenszee

Sint Maartenszee is a seaside resort in the municipality of Schagen  (province of North Holland) and is situated at walking distance from the North Sea. To the north of Sint Maartenszee you find nature reserve Swan water, which goes all the way to Callantsoog:

It is nice staying in Sint Maartenszee at all seasons, if you come for peace and quiet, beautiful scenery and clean air. Every season has its bright sides!


In spring the largest bulb fields of the Netherlands are to be found close to Sint Maartenszee. You will find crocusses, daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, lillies and a great many other varieties. Walking tours as well as cycling trips are organized by the tourist information centre, even along the bulb fields. Also you will get to know all about the origin of tulips, how they are grown, and how they are handled..


In summer the large beach area (with a blue flag) provides recreation and entertainment for holidaymakers of every age. Seafishing, sunbathing, swimming, building sand castles and catching shrimps, you name it! Of course you can also relax out on a terrace by the sea, or wine and dine out on the beach at sunset. Th northern part of the province of North Holland is the area with the greatest number of sunshine hours. In case the beach appears too windy, you can take shelter in the large dune area (about half a mile wide), fir tree wood and on the lake-shore.


In autumn you can enjoy the fresh breeze on the beach, during storms you will feel like a true wrecker. The wind lifts your spirits and makes you feel strong and refreshed. The tranquillity of autumn is also ideal for dog-owners; your dog can run and play freely everwhere on the beach. Amateur fishermen can fulfill their greatest desires, there are a great many angling spots.


In winter you can take lovely walks in the dunes and along the beach. Your only companions will be the sea gulls and the Galloway cows in the dunes and the nature reserve the Swan water. In some winters you can even skate (though the sea does not freeze easily!).